What does it imply, in terms of the forests, products, among others?

Between the forest and the final consumer, forest products can go through various stages of processing, transformation and distribution.

The FSC Certification of the Chain of Custody verifies that he FSC certified material is identified, or kept separate from uncertified material, all along chain of production

The FSC Certification of the Chain of Custody allows companies to label their FSC products, which in turn allows consumers to identify and choose the products that support responsible forest management.

The mixing of FSC certified and non-certified products should be done in accordance with careful procedures that are in line with the requirements of the FSC Chain of Custody.

The FSC Certification of the Chain of Custody is essential for companies seeking access to environmentally and socially conscious markets, or to demonstrate compliance with public and private procurement policies that specify environmentally responsible materials.

What about FSC recycled?

The RECYCLED FSC label emerged as recognition of the important role that the recovered materials have in reducing the consumption pressure on the world's forests.

FSC certified recovered materials can be used in products labeled FSC Mix and FSC certified projects.

Do you know for how long Ancor has been certified?

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